Mirjam grew Kaiko Clothing Company from 3 to 15 employees within a year. 

I’m helping her to reach her vision by designing a functional organisation and by taking responsibility for the day-to-day management as a COO.
Anssi saw a market and brought Growth Tribe Academy to Finland.

I helped him by managing a small team and by setting up our digital sales and marketing operations.
"Matias is incredibly systematic, open-minded, curious and operates with a solid "get shit done" -attitude. He truly possesses a growth mindset, which means that he's always looking to learn and reflect on how things could be done better on a personal, team and organisational level."
Kirsi led over 300 volunteers at Suhe Church.

I helped her by designing and implementing both an internal communications strategy and tech stack for the entire organisation.
"Matias has a unique set of creative and management skills, which makes him thrive at his position. Matias is also a long-term thinker who tries to find the best practices and focus all action to support our vision in an efficient and resource preserving way, which is key to a non-profit organization."
Tomas founded a campus at Suhe Church.

I helped him by leading a volunteer team of 30 creatives. We delivered over 100 zero budget media productions ahead of schedule.
“Matias has an extraordinary sense for solving problems and make things happen. He is eager to learn new, engaging and analytic. But his soft skills are even more appealing. He keeps what he promises, never gives up, finish the job and always on a good mood.”

Visionary. Forget everything that makes you burn out.

See how

Bottom line?

Visionary. I can help you forget everything that makes you burn out.

We may be a good fit if you are...

feeling out of control or frustrated
hitting the ceiling
experiencing organisational issues
at startup, scaleup or SME stage
needing a strong partner to get shit done

And if you are strong at...

inspiring people
seeing future possibilities
creating big picture strategies and vision
being the face of the organisation
driving key customer relationships

But rather have a partner for...

day-to-day management
designing a proper organisation
keeping everyone accountable and on target
developing ability and willingness of your people
ensuring that you reach your vision

Too good to be true? Get in touch, and we'll find out if you are fit to work with me.

Ps. I'm currently working at full capacity. So no promises.