Hello. I'm Matias. Visionary entrepreneurs partner with me to take their company back on track.

“Matias has helped me to build our organisation, solve organisational problems, streamline processes and systematise growth. Working with Matias has been rewarding, and his coaching leadership style has helped me clarify my thinking.”

- Mirjam Sokka, CEO at Kaiko Clothing

We may be a good fit if you are...

feeling out of control or frustrated
hitting the ceiling
experiencing organisational issues
needing a partner that focuses on the company
“Matias is incredibly systematic, open-minded, curious and operates with a solid "get shit done" -attitude. He truly possesses a growth mindset, which means that he's always looking to learn and reflect on how things could be done better on a personal, team and organisational level.”

- Anssi Rantanen, Finland CEO at Growth Tribe

And if you are strong at...

inspiring people
seeing future possibilities
creating big picture strategies and vision
being the face of the organisation
“Matias has a unique set of creative and management skills, which makes him thrive at his position. Matias is also a long-term thinker who tries to find the best practices and focus all action to support our vision in an efficient and resource preserving way, which is key to a non-profit organization.”

- Kirsi Rothfors, Campus CEO at Suhe

But rather have a partner for...

keeping everyone accountable and on target
developing digital tooling and skillset
building and developing the company
executing your vision
“Matias has an extraordinary sense for solving problems and make things happen. He’s eager to learn new, engaging and analytic. But his soft skills are even more appealing. He keeps what he promises, never gives up, finish the job and always on a good mood.”

- Tom Forsbäck, Campus Founder at Suhe


I’ve crafted playbooks, based on my experiences of successfully (and unsuccessfully) partnering with entrepreneurs, to initiate change in organisations from ideation to execution.

CEO Coach

I’ll be your dedicated coach, guiding you to focus on what matters the most and helps you reach sustainable organisational change.

Operations Advisor

I’ll begin as your team’s coach and build or develop your Company Operating System to initiate change and deliver results

Interim COO

‍I'll become an integrated part of your team and take personal responsibility for managing your company and leading change.