(Almost) riskless

That's how I've tried to structure the initial contract with me:

Both parties can terminate the agreement at any time without any additional cost or term of notice.

My claim is black and white:

I either achieve the results you want to pay me for — or I don't. Half-assing only causes discontent to both of us. And, to be honest, you don't know how it will turn out in advance.

So what makes it (almost) riskless?

  • For you, time and cost. Getting started requires a time investment, and you should secure your time at all cost. Also, you'll pay for the work done before terminating the contract. So cut your loss and show me the door if things don't work out.
  • For me, it's an opportunity cost: not being able to work on my sales and also not being able to accept another engagement. As a result, it does take some time to get started with another case.

The upside is also there.

  • For you, we've got your business back on track. You can focus more on your areas of strength, and your executive team will succeed more than ever. The actual results will, of course, vary, but that's a matter of scope.
  • For me, you'll pay a premium for a job well done.

So that's what makes working with me (almost) riskless.

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