Bad communication is a leadership opportunity

When communication breaks down, it's easy to feel frustrated and helpless.

But what if we reframed that negative situation as a chance to lead?

Rather than getting bogged down by poor communication, view it as an opportunity to show your leadership skills.

Pushing information: be the source

One of the quickest ways to show leadership is to be the person who disseminates valuable information. Don't wait for someone else to step up. Be proactive and push important information to those who need it. By doing so, you'll become a reliable source and build trust among your peers and superiors.

Pulling information: be the seeker

It's not just about giving information; it's also about asking for it. When you actively seek information from others, you show that you're engaged and committed to understanding the full picture. You also help to break down barriers that might exist in a poor communication environment.

Initiative expands your sphere of influence

By pushing and pulling information effectively, you can grow your influence even in a flawed communication landscape. People will start to look to you for guidance and information, boosting your leadership profile.


Communication problems aren't just hurdles to overcome; they're opportunities to show leadership. By actively pushing and pulling information, you become a beacon of effective communication in your organization.

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