Business engineer?

I've become fascinated with the concept of "business engineer".

Apparently, the term is used to describe someone who combines the principles of business management with the technical know-how of engineering. Think of it as a problem-solver who knows how to use technology to make businesses run better.

They look at how a company works and figure out ways to make things more efficient and effective. This can mean automating tasks with software, improving how information flows through the company, or finding new tools that help people work smarter, not harder.

Why does this matter to me?

I've recently been lost in how to anchor my know-how and career trajectory.

Being an "operations expert" is good but fails to communicate my technical skills and desires. The technical side of things has always been part of my work, and I want to improve daily. I don’t know why I’ve been omitting my technical affinity. Maybe because it is so natural to me?

Anyhow, hearing the term made it click. Business engineering is something I've already kind of practised and is definitely the direction I want to take.

So, expect to hear much more about my journey into business engineering.

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